Animals Are Not Ours to Exploit

🔥Animals are not ours to exploit for our entertainment. Animals are not property, objects, commodities, slaves, machines, products, or things.

Veganism is not a “diet”, “lifestyle choice”, or “personal preference”. Veganism is about the fundamental right of nonhumans not to be objectified, used, owned, labeled, branded, enslaved, exploited, violently killed and commodified to serve our trivial interests. Veganism is not about us. It is about the victims. It is about what we owe to them. It’s refusing to participate in the commodification of the vulnerable. Its rejecting animal slavery.
Veganism is justice.

▪️Choose to not support the commodification of the vulnerable. Align your actions with your morals. Live Vegan.


If You Wouldn’t Eat a Dog, Why Eat a Pig?

Bacon Is Torture and Murder

Why Farris Decided to Go Vegan

💡Why Farris Decided to Go Vegan –

◾️Farris decided to adopt a vegan diet after tracing his roots back to his ancestors of one of the tribes from Israel. They ate a kosher diet, but he was unfamiliar with animal preparation and decided vegan is the way. –

Farris explains: –

🔥“I don’t necessarily trust the way the food is being processed…. I don’t agree with the way the animals are mass-slaughtered. So that’s one thing that kind of got me looking at what they call a vegan diet….In 2014, before my son was born. He’s my second child, and for me it was a time of reflection—on the things I want to teach him, and the example I want to set for him. It was like a light bulb went off…. Now, my body recovers a lot faster. I feel lighter. My mind is a lot more clear. I feel I can focus a lot better—not that I wasn’t a focused individual before, but now I feel like I’m totally locked in.”

-Kendrick Farris –

🔥You can live a healthier life without harming others and the planet.

Live Vegan🌿


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Fish are sentient, and they form relationships

🐟 This fish was caught is a discarded fishing net. Her best friend stayed by her side to make sure she was alright. Fish are sentient, and they form relationships. Just like us💙

🔹It is estimated that 46% of plastic in the oceans are discarded fishing nets.


Canada Goose is murdering millions of coyotes

🔥Canada Goose is responsible for torturing and murdering millions of coyotes and geese to be used as fur-trim decoration and insulation inside of Canada Gooses horrific jackets.

◾️All animal “products” involve suffering and death. All of them. We should be crystal clear that the only rational response to recognizing the moral status of nonhumans is to go vegan. If animals matter morally, then any exploitation―however supposedly ‘humane’―is immoral.

🔷Choose to not support the commodification exploitation of the vulnerable.

▪️Live in line with your core beliefs/morals.

🙏🏿Live VEGAN



Follow your heart

🔥Follow your heart. You either stay where you are, or you get better. It’s that simple. You either take the knowledge and new information that has been presented before you and allow it to make you a better person, or you ignore it and remain in the same destructive cycle. The choice does not belong to fate, it belongs to you. Trust the wisdom of your soul. Don’t let your ego control you, your intuitive consciousness knows the way. Let love be your guide ❤️